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Bee on Flower

Eclipse 2024 Prep

Next year, exactly on my birthday of April 8th, 2024, a total eclipse will pass over much of North America, including my home city of Montréal. An important thing to note with solar eclipses is that it’s essential that they be seen from the ‘path of totality’ and not just near it.

The next eclipse to be anywhere near this part of the world looks to be in 2048, so be sure to be ready to see this one.

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I was reminded of this by the excellent SpacePod podcast.

Fungus Building

Found in an alley in Montréal’s Rosemont neighbourhood.

A Series of Letters

My friend Vinny is making tiny poems you can get in your inbox. Like this one:

an absence remains a presence
for the void they leave behind
always has their shape


one mysterious day
we’ll return to
being physics and chemistry
after our moment
as biology

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Studio Corner

Pleasing light and textures found in the corner of a studio sale.


An abstract video by me, trying to explore a look and feel which is more colourful. In 4K with no sound.


A piece by Montréal street artist Other, which has been propped up into a window in the Mile Ex neighbourhood. Other is part of a small group of artists who tend to use paint pastels, often doing their work on the side of freight trains.

To State the Obvious

Friend of Elsewhat Jason Roberts, author of the amazing A Sense of the World, gave a great talk at the Long Now about what happens when something is so utterly obvious that history fails to properly record it. Plus he provides his tongue-in-cheek solution to the problem.

Weather Reflecting Art Installation

This piece of public art mirrors the weather forecast by changing the colours of lights illuminating this floating rendition of a cloud. Its name translates as the ridiculous Cloudy with a strong chance of ‘Wow!’. The above indicates coming rain and storms, which turned out to be correct.

A random samaritan has also kindly kept the park stocked with a large selection of balls of all types, which made for a chaotic and playful visit.

Lift Party