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The Rarest Move in Chess

I am terrible at chess, but I also love it. I also love these kind of intense deep-dives into esoteric subjects.

Game: Laya's Horizon

I don’t post about games very often, but this is a rare gem. It’s a wingsuit flying game set in a mythical world where wingsuiting is a common way to get around. It has a large world to explore, lots of difficult challenges, and beautiful stylized graphics. It’s peaceful and without violence as well.

Laya’s Horizon is by the team that made Alto’s Odyssey, a similarly atmospheric game about snowboarding, at which I was once in competition with fellow blogger Jason Kottke for a spot in the top 10 of the overall rankings. I hit roughly number 7, but he soon surpassed me.

There is one catch with this game. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but you need a Netflix account to play it. This is about the only complaint I have about this.

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The Worst Chess Game Possible

A recap of a chess game that used the most powerful chess engine available to always play the worst move it possibly could.

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