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National Gallery Stickers

The National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa, uses stickers as passes. Put one on your lapel and go inside. As a side effect of this, as people left the gallery they stuck them to the lamp post outside, which led more and more to do the same.

Taken during my autumn trip to Ottawa.


This facade of a building in my neighbourhood went and fell down this week. Last June I thought the whole thing looked precarious, and took this photo of the temporary structure:

Chainsaw Aftermath

Photographs of Robert Cumming

The New Yorker has a nice little profile on Robert Cumming, an absurdist photographer I had never heard about. His pieces are whimsical and silly, like the above piece entitled “Watermelon/Bread”.

As an artist, he was an inveterate tinkerer who, for a period, taught himself a new fabrication skill every year, which would later come in handy when making the props that he used in his photographs. He was stubbornly inquisitive, often following his ideas wherever they led him, even—or especially—if it was impractical or absurd.

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Via Rafa

India-Pakistan Border from Space

Today I learned that the heavily fortified border between India and Pakistan, a fenced-off no-mans land lit at night by arc lamps, is visible to the naked eye from space.

The above was taken from the ISS.

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Amazing Starling Photos by Kathryn Cooper

A simple idea, beautifully executed. The England-based photographer takes sequences of bird flight and combines them into composite images that track the motion of the entire flock. Above, a predator makes a brief chase of this massive murmuration.

The artist writes about the way these birds avoid predators by moving together:

By diluting the risk as the group size increases, the chance of any one individual suffering predation decreases and many eyes means that vigilance increases with the number of individuals.

Most aerial predators (sparrowhawk, peregrine falcon for example) hunt by targeting a single bird. The confusion caused by the constant movement may hinder their ability to lock onto an individual.

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Free Expression if I've Ever Seen It

Which Came First?

Which came first—the parking spot or the pole? Either way, this seems like someone messed up.

Spaghetti Monster

Street art by unknown artist.


Macro of Gomphaceae mushroom