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What is My Cookie Cutter?

Remember when the internet was fun? This subreddit feels like the internet in the early 2000’s again. People post photos of their indecipherable cookie cutters, and other Redditors help them try to figure them out with MS-Paint-esque drawings. Or, just as likely, they try and come up with the most absurd thing they think it could be.

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Said the Gramophone's Best Songs of 2023

My favourite blog post of every year is the best songs of the year by friend of Elsewhat’s Sean Michaels. I always discover a whole trove of new songs and artists.

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What If?

Speaking of XKCD, Randall Munroe also just launched a short video about the technical limits of using the Hubble Space Telescope to take pictures of the earth.

XKCD Airline Seating Chart

XKCD with more of his usual goofy fun.

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