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Jay Smooth on Drake Vs. Kendrick

I’m a bit late, but Jay Smooth has returned to Youtube after a near 6 year absence to cover the beef between Kendrick and Drake of all things.

My own take on the feud is that Drake was never in the same league as Kendrick, so the “win” doesn’t carry too much weight with me.

An A+ Crossword

Here’s a joke you need to work to get. Tons of respect to Randy for taking this bit as far as possible. Buy all his books.

The Rarest Move in Chess

I am terrible at chess, but I also love it. I also love these kind of intense deep-dives into esoteric subjects.

251 Words You Can Spell on a Calculator

A fun little diversion: here is a great old list of words you can spell on a calculator, from bee to Zoe.

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Via Present and Correct

Nick Ryan at Produit Rien

The local art gallery near my house has a wonderful little exhibit this week with a variety of musical works by an artist named Nick Ryan, whose other work and biographical information I’ve failed to find.

The works consist of simple household object arranged in such a way as to play music when electricity is applied (which is accomplished by random timers). It’s simple, and playful, and can be completely explored in about 10 minutes.

On from January 24 to 28th or so at Produit Rien in Mile Ex.

What is My Cookie Cutter?

Remember when the internet was fun? This subreddit feels like the internet in the early 2000’s again. People post photos of their indecipherable cookie cutters, and other Redditors help them try to figure them out with MS-Paint-esque drawings. Or, just as likely, they try and come up with the most absurd thing they think it could be.

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