Inside Voice: My Obsession with How We Sound, an audiobook by Lake Bell

This audiobook, wonderfully produced by my friend Julia Scott, explores many facets of voice and vocal performance from the point of view of a voice actor and performer. Engaging, charming, and fun.

Inside Voice unpacks the writer-director-producer-actor’s obsession with voice and all its permutations. It takes us on a journey to discover how this vital piece of our identity serves as an x-ray of our personal histories. Bell explored the power of voice in her critically-acclaimed and award-winning film, In a World, which she wrote, directed, and starred in. With this audiobook, she dives back into the rabbit hole to deliver a fun, whip-smart exploration of the psychology, social science, cultural constructs, and mechanics of our voices.

What I love about this book, above all else, is that it can only exist in an audio format. The reading and performance would not translate to the written word. At all.

Rating: A

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