Is Homework Good for Kids?

Artwork by Doug Rodas

The other day someone asked me if my 10 year-old son enjoyed the fact that his school has a no-homework policy. My answer was ‘no, he doesn’t appreciate it. He’s never had it any other way’. I’m far from believing that the next generation isn’t grateful, but this is honestly the way things should be. My son is less stressed and has a lot more time to spend with his parents and friends, while still being a good student and getting a lot out of school.

Anne Thériault writes for the Walrus:

Kralovec tells me that there is no benefit to homework for elementary school students at all. A meta-analysis published in 2006 by Harris M. Cooper, distinguished professor emeritus at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, looked at all of the homework research that had been done in the United States between 1987 and 2003 and found that homework had “no association with achievement gain” in students from kindergarten through grade five.

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